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4 Ways Social Media Can Help Save You Money

Posted on: May 24, 2010

We’ve all been there.

That feeling of frustration when you pull that last $10 bill out of your wallet. The stomach flip you get after looking at your bank statement and seeing your ever-decreasing funds. The buyer’s remorse that hits you once you get the bill in the mail for that credit card shopping spree you took back in April…

Again, we’ve all been there. Some of us are there right now.

But before you go and sell that right kidney, take a look at these four social media websites that can help you save some cold hard cash.

1. eDivvy – Do you have a friend’s graduation party coming up? A wedding? A birthday? A Bat Mitzfa? Whatever the celebration is, eDivvy will make the gift giving portion easy and affordable. How does it work? As states, the website allows you to “select the perfect gift, invite people to contribute, and keep track of the entire process.” EDivvy will even handle the messy, uncomfortable parts of group gift giving, like asking for money, sending out reminders, and making sure the right gifts are bought and delivered on time. This way you won’t have to break the bank spending $300 on the stainless steel, jewel-encrusted espresso machine your sister has just been dying for – you can get the whole family to chip in!

2. CheapTweet –  Twitter has become a modern day social media Swiss Army Knife. Its uses are endless. You can use it to avoid traffic jams (CommuterFeed), lose weight (TweetWhatYouEat), track packages (TrackThis), and even find love (FindLoveOnTwitterverse). Twitter is also a useful tool when it comes to saving money. CheapTweet, as it says on its website, “finds the coupons, sales and discounts people talk about on Twitter.” CheapTweet makes it easy to find deals catered to your interests by organizing all of the deals, discounts and coupons into several categories, including apparel, tech, food and travel.

3. GradeFund – This is a special one for all you struggling college students – Lord knows there’s a lot of us out there. While college can be an absolute blast, it can also be quite an expensive time for you and your family, depending on who’s paying for your education. Scholarships are often hard to find and even harder to win. Taking out loans may help temporarily but can leave you in debt for years. Working a part-time job can help put a little more money in your pocket but often comes at the expense of your grades. GradeFund wants to help. GradeFund’s goal is simple – as it says on its website, “We want to help all students with a service that encourages them to pursue higher education and focus on doing well while in school.” GradeFund works in just four easy steps:

The money you receive from your sponsors will either go to the tuition office or straight into your pocket. All you have to do is get those A+’s – GradeFund will handle the rest.

4. Plastic Jungle – Plastic Jungle is a nifty website that allows you to sell, buy, exchange and donate gift cards. This way, instead of wasting that $100 “Vegan Surplus Store” gift card Aunt Suzy gave you for your birthday, sell it to Plastic Jungle for 92 percent of the balance or trade it in for a great gift card to the store of your choice. Plastic Jungle also allows you to buy gift cards at a great, discounted rate. For example, a $50 gift card to is currently on sale for only $15.

I hope you will take some time to give these websites a once-over. I’ve already signed up for GradeFund, bought a gift card off of Plastic Jungle and created an eDivvy group for my friend’s upcoming wedding. Oh social media, what would I do without you?



5 Responses to "4 Ways Social Media Can Help Save You Money"

Great post, Lauren. I hadn’t heard of any of these sites, and I can’t wait to try some of them out. With money as stressful as it is, I need social media to help me keep things in line financially. Who am I kidding? I need social media to keep EVERYTHING in line! Have you heard of It is a site that offers daily coupons for whatever city you are in. Unfortunately, there isn’t one for Eugene, but maybe you can use it when you are in Atlanta!


I have never heard of! I can’t wait to check it out though – i’m always in search of a great deal! Thank you for reading my blog post, and i’m glad you enjoyed it!

Lauren this post is amazing!! Who would have thought; I never would have knew of any of these before reading this and now I can’t wait to test them out! Your blog rocks!

Miss Joani Jones,

You are too adorable 🙂 Thank you for reading my blog! I’m happy you like it. I have been keeping up with yours as well, and let me tell you, you are a very talented writer! Your blog post on tips for young PR students was very insightful. I miss you missy moo, I hope I get to see you before you graduate!


I love your post! Who knew there were so many obscure uses for social media. Next time I’m mindlessly surfing Facebook, I’m going to check out GradeFund and Plastic Jungle instead. As you touched on in your post, college students need all the help they can get!

Thanks for the great post, and I look forward to reading what you come up with next!


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